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Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is a minimally invasive laparoscopic restrictive surgery in which expert bariatric surgeon reshape the stomach into a tube or sleeve by removing large part of stomach. The reshaped stomach complete function like a normal stomach as nerves of the stomach and the outlet valve is preserve carefully. The reduced size of stomach gives the feeling of fullness to obese patient with small portion of food intake, results in significant weight loss over a period time.

Dr Randeep Wadhawan performs routinely Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery with minimally invasive technique which tiny cuts are made to insert laparoscope, a tool with a tiny camera. The camera is attached to external monitor to assist surgeon to perform the entire procedure without making the lager incision. Under this procedure, bariatric surgeon, with the help of instrument, divides the stomach along its vertical length to create a tube or a sleeve to pass the food, reducing the size of stomach by almost by 85%. The objective of this Sleeve Gastrectomy to restrictive the quantity of food intake any given time, without altering the normal absorption of the vitamins and minerals. The consistent restriction of food results in significant weight loss over a period of time. In our patients, we have observe, severely obese patients are able to reduce 50-70% their weight.

  • Restrictive process.
  • Popular alternative to LAGB& Gastric bypass
  • 25% stomach left.
  • Less invasive than bypass
  • Ghrelin hormone (apetite hormone) removed.
  • Improves co-morbidities
  • Mean excess weight loss at one year is 70%
  • Minimal complications.
  • Less follow-up
  • Hospital stay is 2-3 days.
  • Return to normal physical activity is 4 days.