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Laparoscopic Minigastric Bypass Surgery

It is combination of two procedure dominant volume restriction and controlled absorption . In this procedure, the starting part of the stomach is made a tube as to leave about 100 cc and separated from the first part of the small intestine, which is duodenum. The duodenum by pass is made with a aim to reduce the absorption. The newly formed stomach tube is connected to the loop of small Intestine at about 200 cm from the beginning of the small intestines. Therefore, obese patients percieve a feeling of fullness with even smaller quantity of meals. At the same time, the absorption of the high calorie food is avoided. This bariatric surgery offer weight loss in same effectiveness with Laparoscopic Gastric By Pass Surgery.

  • This procedure usually takes 45 minutes
  • It requires hospital stay of 3 days.
  • It is safe with low risk but has shown 2% -5% , Biliary reflux.
  • Can be easily reversed or revised.
  • Long term Weight loss less than Gastric Bypass
  • Requires Vitamin,Calcium & Iron supplements post surgery.

Dr Randeep Wadhawan is performing the Laparoscopic MGB procedure routinely. He is doing more than 150 Bariatric & Metabolic procedures a year .The various Bariatric surgical options are always explained to every patient and the choice of the procedure is discussed with the patient & family and then finally decided.