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LAGB (Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding)

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB) is a minimally invasive weight loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery performed routinely in Delhi for obesity.  It is done through very tiny incision of 1 cm, instead open surgery or large incision surgery.  The expert bariatric surgeon insert the instrument, called laparoscope, a tool with a tiny camera. With the help of tiny camera, the view of inside surgeon can view on monitor and places a band around the top portion of the stomach so that space of stomach reduces to small pouch for food. The small pouch helps giving feeling of fullness to patient only after eating only small amounts of food. The sustain reduction in intake of food results in weight loss. A gastric band is made of highly biocompatible silicon material  which is to be placed and tightened around upper part of stomach , creating small pouch for food.

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB) is recommended to treat patients who are highly obese with associated blood pressure, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, sleep disorder and other metabolic diseases. The LAGB procedure is recommended only when obese patients failed to reduce weight with other weight loss.

The LAGB procedure might be recommended by surgeon for following BMI conditions

  • Body mass index (BMI) > than 40.
  • BMI between 35 and 40 with metabolic disorders such as, sleep disorder, blood pressure, blood sugar

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  • Restrictive procedure.
  • No Malabsorption.
  • Reversible procedure.
  • Only three days in Hospital
  • Back to routine physical activity in 5 days.
  • Regular follow-up in OPD required for adjustment of Band.
  • Mean excess wt.loss at 1 yr of 55 %